Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Skunked" Again

We're still having a great time on the Texas coast, and have recommendations for many places to go and things to see if you're in the area. However, processing photos and updating the blog took a back seat this week. We had another adventure....but not the kind we recommend.

We planned a trip to Aransas National Wildlife Refuge on Thursday, but stopped en route to let the dogs stretch their legs in the farmlands between Fulton and the Refuge. We found a deserted dirt road between plowed fields. Perfect, wouldn't you think? Not really! There were several abandoned barns and outbuildings 100 yards or so off the road, and the Bagley Pack made a beeline for them. We tried to call them back, but they heeded another call. By the time we got there, Lucky Dog and Nickie had found a skunk and were doing their best to annihilate it. The dogs won.....or maybe the skunk did. It didn't survive, but it did exact its revenge.

We spent most of the rest of the day washing least L.D. and Nickie. I'm convinced that Feathers whispered in Dakota's ear and told her to stay away! She didn't participate in the skunk eradication, but she also didn't spend the rest of the day being scrubbed with scent-neutralizing soap. Fortunately, one of the local vets had a skunk-odor-emulsifying product which worked fairly well. It's at least as effective as the hydrogen peroxide-baking soda-dish detergent mix we used the last time. (Unfortunately this wasn't their "first rodeo" in the skunk department.)

Life goes on. We're trying to remove the odor from the inside of the Tracker and will see in a couple of days if we need to bathe them again. If I can get past our "adventures," I'll post the highlights of our Rockport/Fulton stay, and images from our trip on the "Skimmer" to see the Whooping Cranes. Stay tuned.

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