Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Goodbye to Phnom Penh

We were sad to say goodbye to Siem Reap and the wonderful temple complexes that we visited in that part of Cambodia. However, with only a week remaining to finish "seeing it all," we returned to Phnom Penh. The next week was filled with more visits to the remarkable markets, more great food and most important, more good times with our friends Jimmy Joe and Danine.

Here are a couple of images shot on the trip home.

And here are more from our "great food" experiences.

 John and Nine prepare the ingredients for homemade spring rolls.


And here is the almost-finished product.

 Saroeun shows John the chicken foot she will use to prepare a special soup.

Saroeun prepares fish amok while John takes notes.

Another scrumptious soup!

Dinner is served!

The aftermath.

A toast to good friends, good food and good times.

 And may we meet again soon.


  1. Hi Ya'll:

    This is Donna, Rob's wife. I love the pictures from Cambodia. The looks on your faces tell it all. I heard the turkey story in Austin, so it's funny to see the actual photographs.

    BTW, I remembered that some of the ongoing episodes of Six Feet Under are a bit disturbing and uncomfortable. I was having so much fun talking to you guys, I completely forgot. So, I'd say maybe not on that series. The early episodes were cute.

    My blog is all about these little cozy mystery short stories I am writing about New Mexico towns. My pen name is Tower Lowe. I have two characters, Cinnamon and Burro, who travel about solving mysteries in short stories. You are welcome to stop by, but no great delicious food stuffs!

  2. I'm so excited!!! Can't wait to visit. Thanks so much for the invite.