Friday, August 3, 2012

Away We Go Again

We're finally on the road! Our early July departure was delayed several times...first to cut and bale hay at the farm, then to replace the refrigerator in the RV. We got underway on Tuesday, July 24, and spent the first four nights of our trip in beautiful Abilene State Park. We've camped there several times before, and really enjoy the place. It has great shade trees, plenty of trails for hiking and biking, and lots of deer and other critters. 

The State Park has also recently taken over Lake Abilene, which is only a couple of miles from the park. It was very low when we visited, but had plenty of water for dogs to swim. The only drawback is that the water is in Red River red. Now instead of being black and white, the Border Collies are black and pale pink! Shampoo won't get rid of the tint, but maybe it will wear off soon.

We traveled from Abilene to Clovis, NM on Saturday. I took my first turn at the wheel this year and drove Falcon about 150 miles, not all of it white-knuckled. Saturday night we were in Clovis at Travelers World RV Resort. It's a fine overnight shade for the rig, but a large unfenced area for dogs and a pasture with bunnies and other good smells. The Bagley Pack is having a fine time.

Sunday we made the run from Clovis to Santa Fe. I felt better about driving, and took us most of the way, with John having fun reading the news on his computer. Curiously, we had good internet signal all along Hwy. 60 from Fort Sumner to Vaughan to Encino. However, when we got within 50 miles or so of Albuquerque and Santa Fe, it disappeared. (We don't recommend that stretch of road, though; a lot of the way it was just two lanes, and there was no shoulder! White-knuckle time again!)


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