Saturday, September 1, 2012

Estes Park

We left Colorado Springs on Sunday, August 19, and had an uneventful trip to Estes Park. The most exciting part of the trip was through Big Thompson Canyon between Longmont and Estes Park. The canyon walls are steep and the road is circuituous as it runs alongside the Big Thompson River. The light was wrong for photos on the way in, but here is a shot taken as we departed.

Falcon handled the curves with no problems, however, and by late afternoon we were camped at Mary's Lake Campground and RV Park. The park overlooks a valley surrounded by towering peaks. We had magnificent sunrises and sunsets, and enjoyed our stay there immensely.

We visited my cousin, Frances Marvin, and her husband Roy, who treated us to dinner (twice!).  Here are photos of Roy and Frances, as well as Cousin Frances and me enjoying a glass of wine...well, maybe it's our second glass.

Roy and Frances also took us to a trip through Rocky Mountain National Park on Trail Ridge Drive.  As you can see from the following photos, the views along Trail Ridge Drive are spectacular. Even with occasional drizzle and mists hanging on the peaks, the sights were spectacular!



The dogs enjoyed frequent visits to the Estes Valley Dog Park, which has room to run, some agility obstacles, and access to the water for a swim. Then, on Saturday we took a nice hike along the Homer Rouse Trail just outside of town. We met other hikers with dogs, and enjoyed the scenery and the exercise.

After what seemed like an all-too-short visit, we were up and away on August 25, bound for Custer, South Dakota.  We stopped Saturday night at the Douglas, Wyoming, KOA park where we have stayed before.  The park has accommodations for horses, so we usually meet interesting people there.  The dogs like it because there is a fenced dog run and bunnies everywhere!  Douglas also prides itself on being the Jackalope Capitol of the World.  Here are the Bagley dogs posed with the jackalope statue at the RV park.

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  1. Great sunset photo. Makes me want to be there...and those cute dogs. What a life they are having. The thing about dogs is, they know how to love life...