Thursday, November 29, 2012

Home Again

Our trip south from Tenkiller Lake to Texas was (thank goodness) uneventful. The roads were a bit rough, but we made it with no problems. By late afternoon we were camped in Sherman, and the next morning we moved our rig to McKinney to the home of MCD Shades. We needed a little work done on the power shades in the rig, and were happy to hang out with the other RVers who were either getting new shades or having repairs done.

MCD is a local company that supplies power shades for a number of RV manufacturers. We enjoyed our tour of the factory, and getting to know the the nice folks who worked on our rig. We also had the opportunity to meet the "mascots" for MCD shades. It seems that, when the company leased the facility they now occupy, it came with a resident Canada goose and mallard drake. We were told that part of the lease agreement would be MCD's agreement to continue to care for the goose and duck, as they were hatched on the premises and had chosen to live there rather than migrate with their fellow waterfowl. 

The goose was particularly protective of his smaller friend.  When anyone approached their home, the goose first gave them the "evil eye"

He then rushed the fence ready to attack if necessary. Needless to say we didn't go into their pen!

The dogs enjoyed MCD's large, fenced facility as well as the first-class dog park in nearby Plano. And John and I enjoyed getting together with good friends Cindy and Sonny Sandell and John and Patty Howarth for some great Greek food while we were there.

We stopped by Hamilton on our way home to check on the farm, cows, etc. Then, tired by full of great memories, we made the short run back to Volente where we'll be until late December when we depart for our second visit to Cambodia. Stay tuned......we'll be having more adventures soon.

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