Friday, January 24, 2014

Birds of a Feather

Well, today was supposed to be a red-letter birding day.  My friend Dave and I had planned to charter a small boat to get up close for good photos of the area's endangered Whooping Cranes.  Mother Nature didn't cooperate, however.  Yesterday at mid-afternoon, the north wind strengthened and the temperature dropped like a rock.  Last night, sustained 30 mph winds with gusts to 50 rocked the RV.  Today, the temperature has been in the 30s all day, with strong north winds...not a good day for photography!

We'll try again to go out on Sunday, but in the meantime here are a few images of birds I have been able to photograph.  Most were taken at the Leonabell Turnbull Birding Center in Port Aransas.

Northern Pintail
Least Grebe youngster (they breed year-round)
Northern Shoveler diving for dinner
Green-winged Teal

Northern Pintail

Brown Pelican monitoring ferry traffic
Brown Pelican preening
American White Pelican
With better weather and some luck and skill, maybe I'll be posting Whooping Crane images in a couple of days.  

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