Monday, April 14, 2014

Having a Ball

Thursday morning the weather dawned clear and crisp; it found Eugenia and me (cameras at the ready) taking a short hike to Dyke’s Marsh.  We enjoyed the walk, but the birds were scarce.  I did get a couple of shots of Red-winged Blackbirds.  Since his shoulder patches are more yellow than red, I think this one is an immature male.

At first, I thought the bird pictured below was what in “scientific” birder language is called an “LBG” or “little brown guy.”  However, when I consulted my very handy Audubon I-Phone app, it turns out what I was looking it was a female blackbird.  

She was busy picking about in the reeds and came up with a tasty bug.

In the afternoon, I had a real treat…my first major-league baseball game!  Eugenia and I watched the Washington Nationals (“Nats”) beat their arch-rival Miami Marlins.  

We took the water taxi from Old Town Alexandria along the Potomac to the stadium.  Air traffic in and out of Reagan National kept us entertained, as did views of the Washington Monument and the War College surrounded by pink and white blossoms.

The Nats’ stadium is only about four years old, and beautiful.  I liked the shiny chrome baseballs decorating the exterior.

The fans were interesting, too.  

This fellow is wearing the starting pitcher's jersey.  His headgear is topped by a whisk broom...indicating he wants a "sweep" of the three game series.  

George had arranged outstanding seats for us, and there was plenty of action.  

Some action shots from the game follow.  


The game was over just before sunset, and when we returned by water taxi, the planes were still flying.

It was a great afternoon; even the ferris wheel at a local shopping-center carnival seemed to be celebrating!

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  1. Blackbirds! That phone ap is handy. So happy you had such a great time. Hope we see you folks this summer.