Monday, January 5, 2015

A Very Merry Christmas

November quickly gave way to December and we were busier than ever.  The weekend of December 6-7 found Rue and me at a herding clinic near Florence, Texas.  The weather was disagreeable, but the people and facility were top-notch.  It was a great learning experience.  In fact, you could almost believe Rue (in the foreground) and Wisp were paying close attention to the instructor, Kathy Knox.  (Actually, they were focused on the sheep just outside the picture — sort of like watching Sheep TV.)

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we also had good visits with two couples we know from our Heavy-Duty Truck group.  Bruce and Lorni, who were spending a month near Dripping Springs, came first.  They brought along dog-friend Zoe who had a great time with the Bagley Pack.

Then a few weeks later Janet and Raymond were able to join us for dinner from their temporary home near Canyon Lake.  It was great to spend time with all four, and we hope to see more RV friends before they all leave Texas.

We made several trips to the farm…still trying to catch up on all the chores that we didn’t do while we were on the road.  One visit, in mid-December, was like an early Christmas for Kota.  In the midst of lots of dog adventures with her packmates and Cousin Molly, Kota found a just-old-enough-not-to-smell deer hide.  It was, however, eminently chewable.

And she wasn’t about to share.  She gnawed away, with the Bagley dogs and Cousin Molly hovering nearby hoping she would put it down.  

Colt and Rue soon grew tired of waiting and went on to other pursuits.  Molly, however, stood close by, tail wagging, salivating in anticipation.  

Soon Molly pointed her nose skyward and howled a pitiful plea.  Kota was unmoved, but I asked John to cut off a small piece of the hide for poor Molly.  She was thrilled and trotted off wagging her stubby tail.  The last I saw of her Prize, she was burying it under a cedar tree.  Apparently just having it was enough.

Soon the holidays were upon us.  We traveled to Lake Jackson, TX, to spend Christmas with John’s mother, Maxine, and her husband, Vic, as well as John’s sister, Judith.  The weather was quite chilly, so we stayed inside most of the time.  We did, however, get out to attend Christmas Eve services at First Presbyterian Church, where John attended as a child.  It was a very special time with family, and we feel so fortunate we were able to be together.

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