Monday, March 23, 2015

Notable Events

At the farm, signs of the coming spring are everywhere.  The plum trees are blooming, the post oaks and cedar elms are budding, and the little rosettes of young bluebonnets are popping up in the pastures.  

Birds, including these eastern bluebirds, are choosing nest sites.

Last week’s first notable event came on Saturday…and we didn’t even know it was about to happen.  At 9:26 Saturday morning (thank goodness we had the TV on) we joined the world in celebrating the first Pi Day in over a century.  At precisely that minute, the date and time matched the first 8 numbers of Pi, 3.1415926!  It will be a hundred years before the next one, so we’re glad we were on hand for this one.

The next notable event came Sunday, March 15, 2015.  At approximately 7:30 in the evening, John and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary.  Hopeless romantics that we are, we spent the day doing things we love on the farm…like sending the bull to the vet for treatment of a sore foot, cutting cedar with the skid steer (John) 

and working in the yard (me).  There was also time for a great walk through the pasture with the dogs, visiting with my brother and his wife who were also cutting cedar.  (We spend a lot time doing that!) 

We also watched flocks of sandhill cranes as they worked their way north.  

Of course, the dogs had a great time, as always.  It was even more special since their cousins, Molly and Clover, were there to add energy to the mix.

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