Monday, May 25, 2015

RV Redo!

After all the time we spent in the Great Outdoors, we came home to indoor projects.  It’s a good thing, too, since we’ve had frequent rains both here and in Hamilton over the last several weeks.

The two biggest projects involve our Volvo 610 truck, the Millennium Falcon and our Royals International fifth wheel.  Both are over ten years old, and were due for major overhauls and/or face lifts.  Several weeks ago we drove the Volvo to Mt. Pleasant, Texas, to have its drive wheels moved forward (to improve maneuverability while backing) and to have a new truck bed fabricated and installed.  

On Monday, May 11, we made a round trip worthy of a long-haul trucker to pick up the Falcon and bring her home.  It was a stomach-churning trip.  Rain was predicted all the way from Austin to Mt. Pleasant.  We were apprehensive because we don't like to bob-tail in the rain and once we were on the road, we were committed.  However, our prayers were answered and we had a dry trip both ways.  Here is Falcon with her new bed, heading back to Austin.

Then came work on the Royals.  We tore out all the flooring, removed the fabric-covered valances in the main cabin, took down all the light fixtures and MCD shades, and thought to ourselves, “What Have We Done??!!!”

Chaos rained for a short time, then it all began to come together.  (Going through the remodel process is, in my opinion, much like making sausage…. The finished product is hard to envision when you’re watching it all being put through the grinder and stuffed into the casings!)  

But we’re getting there.  Here are the new tile backsplashes in the kitchen and bathroom.

Stay tuned.  The painting is now done and most of the flooring installed.  We’ll post photos of the finished project as soon as we’re done.

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