Sunday, July 12, 2015

RV Redo Done!

Well, it’s finally finished!  The RV Redo is DONE!

(And it’s a good thing, since we’re scheduled to leave our home base in Austin a week from today.)  

We’re pleased with the results, and can hardly wait to be on the road.  Hopefully we’ll have a chance to show you the remodeled coach in person.  If not, here are some photos of the finished project.

We started by replacing the flooring with snap-together vinyl planking and installing new carpet in the bedroom and slides.  Then we repainted the inside walls.

We tiled the kitchen and bathroom backsplashes and John installed a new kitchen faucet and refinished much of the wood.

Except for the kitchen faucet, all those projects were done by someone better at it than we are.  John also replaced all the wall sconces and the light fixture over the dining table.

The biggie for me was redoing all the window treatments.  Most of the original valances were made up of three layers of wood, all covered in different fabrics.  They had to be taken apart and recovered, as well as the pieces on the sides.  I just know the people who assembled the originals were paid by the staple.  I didn’t know you could put that many staples in a piece of wood and still have it retain its integrity!  

They all came together nicely, though, and I even had the courage to tackle the headboard.  The whole fabric affair consumed two large boxes of staples, and I wore out 4 Power-Shot staplers!  I just kept going back to Home Depot and trading them out for new ones.  After all the window treatments were done, I really needed that massage!  

We thought that all the hard work was done at that point, but then we had to reinstall all the MCD shades that had been removed for painting, and put up the valances.  Easier said than done…being a contortionist would have helped.  It’s all done, though, and we’re loading the coach.  Stay tuned.  We’ll be on the road in about a week.


  1. Well done. I especially like the backsplash. Enjoy. If I ever win the lottery....

    Just posted on the blog a few of my shots from the zoo taken on Sun.

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