Saturday, August 22, 2015

Estes Park

We were able to get a reservation in Estes Park…but just barely.  We were able to find space at our favorite Estes Park destination, Estes RV Campground at Mary’s Lake, but only for three nights.  We love this small, city campground.  The sites and roads are gravel, but there is a fantastic 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains.  And this time, the resident doe stood still to have her picture taken.

We were not disappointed.  Even though we had rain showers, there were fantastic sunrises each morning of our visit.

We especially enjoyed our time with my cousin, Frances, and her husband, Roy.  They have a lovely home in the Windcliff section on the edge of Estes Park.  

I took this sunset photo from their upper deck when we went over for chilled beverages and BBQ.

Another special treat was a visit to the visitor center at Rocky Mountain National Park.  The park has a couple of wonderful short films to give an overview of the history of the park, as well as its plants and animals.  This is the centennial year for RMNP, and everyone was celebrating the last 100 years of this wonderful park.

The dogs enjoyed our stay, as well.  Each day, we took short walks outside the campground to explore the nearby trails among the rocks overlooking Mary’s Lake.  There were squirrels, bunnies and ground squirrels to chase, which made for exciting outings.

We also took a walk up the Homer Rouse Trail near camp.  The trail begins at an access road, but soon crosses a lovely small stream and winds its way up the mountainside.  

The dogs didn’t have to wear their packs, but did get a chance to refresh their memory of the “trail” command.  That tells them that they are not free to explore the woods, but must remain on the trail.  Fortunately, they have good memories and quickly fell back into the routine we use when hiking.

Once again, because of problems with making reservations, we were forced to leave a place, and family, we love and move on sooner than we wanted.  We look forward to getting back for a longer visit...maybe next year.

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