Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Remembering Feathers

Five years ago tonight we lost our beautiful Feathers.  After a long and courageous battle, she succumbed to the complications of Canine Meningitis, leaving us empty and wondering why things like this happen to good dogs.  There is no answer to that question, and there will always be an empty spot in my heart that only memories of Feathers can fill.  I always sense her presence when we are here in South Dakota, because this is where we said goodbye to her on a quiet September evening, just at sunset.  It is also a place she loved, and her spirit is here with us.  

I’m confident the Spirit of Feathers had something to do with Kota entering our lives.  In fact, a friend once suggested that Kota might be channeling Feathers. I don’t know about such things, but I do know that we see glimpses of Feathers in our Kota…her absolute devotion, her joie de vivre, her unconditional love, her mischievous nature.  Our lives were immeasurably enriched by Feathers’  presence for those four short years.  She and Nickie gave new life to Lucky Dog and made our family complete.  

Feathers was always happy, even when she was in pain or had trouble walking.  She was always overjoyed when we came home, even if we had been gone only a short time.  Her exuberance was contagious, and her joy at being with us made any problems or worries we had seem trivial.  

I will always miss you, my Feathers with the beautiful golden eyes, and I will always treasure the time God gave us with you.  Rest in Peace, my sweet friend.  I trust you will be waiting for me by the Rainbow Bridge.

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