Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year

We returned to the farm on Sunday after Christmas, and woke on Monday morning to a light dusting of snow on the trees and fence rails.  

It disappeared quickly, as the ground was warm and the temperature was barely freezing.  All morning, though, snow continued to fall in fat, moist flakes.  Look closely and you can see them coming down.  (I know, I know...a snow like this isn't a big deal to most folks, but to us Central Texans, it's always exciting.)

On Tuesday morning, temperatures were just above freezing and fog covered the valley as the sun rose under a heavy sky.  The cows chowed down on the remains of a roll of hay, while Rue watched from the yard.

In fact, cow watching is her favorite pastime unless we are out for a walk or actually working stock.

John and Allan (with his nephew Adam’s help) continued the cedar eradication project…John on the skid steer and Allan and Adam wielding chain saws.  

On New Year’s Eve eve, we had an early celebration with Cousins Kathy and Eric.  Then on New Year’s Eve, we joined my brother, Allan, and his family for dinner and more celebrating.

Joel and Adam played and sang.

My nieces, Anna and Erin, and the rest of us sang or hummed along.

The kids danced,

and played games.  (Noah showed off his new Christmas coonskin hat!)

Rudy gave everyone a chance to pet him.

Clover and Molly tried to recover from a very busy day.

Rachel cuddled her new kitten.

And Laura posed for the camera every time she had a chance.

We had fantastic steaks and toasted the New Year (the kids with pomegranate juice).

Then, we lighted sparklers and a “moonshine” fountain of sparks to welcome in 2016.


There was one very sad note to our holiday.  On December 29, John's cousin Dr. Jimmie C. Bagley passed away in Longview.  Jimmie was a cousin, but was more like an uncle to John.   They had a very special bond.  He and his wife, Pam, were close to John's parents as well and visited often in their home. We mourn Jimmie's passing, but remember fondly all the good times we shared. We also celebrate his life and the excellent care he gave his patients during his many years in medical practice, as well as the leadership role he played in the Bagley family.  He was a true patriarch of the family.

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