Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring has Sprung

Back at the farm once again, we found the spring weather unseasonably cool (compared to the last several weeks).  We took a drive to Meridian on Sunday, April 20, to visit a local favorite, Red Caboose Winery, which was having a wine release party.  In spite of the cool, breezy weather, a number of folks took their refreshments outside to the patio to enjoy the day.  

John and I sampled several of our favorite vintages and took a short tour of the winery with our host, winery co-owner Gary McKibben.  The light streaming through the high windows and reflecting off the large vats glistening with condensation, was magical.

Back at the ranch there was another kind of magic.  Turkey love was in the air.  The gobbles of the toms and the pert-pert-pert calls of the hens echoed across the valley early each day.   Early one morning we saw this handsome fellow hurrying across the pasture

He was soon in full display, strutting along with tail proudly fanned, wings touching the ground and his long red snood swinging beside his beak.

It was soon apparent who he was trying to impress.  These two hens foraged nonchalantly among the flame sumac bushes, seemingly oblivious to his masculine charms.  

If there was a tryst among the trees, we didn’t see it, but we hope there will be turkey poults later this spring!

Late March brought our annual trip to Lake Jackson to celebrate Easter with John’s mother, Maxine, and her husband, Vic.  Here, John gives Mom a hug as we take an after-breakfast turn around the yard.

We had a wonderful time, as usual.  Their home is lovely, and their flowers were spectacular.

This time, Rue accompanied us.  She and Maxine had a good time playing with the water hose.   

There weren't as many wildflowers as usual alongside the road this year.  However, where there were pretty patches, they were well utilized.  Just outside Bastrop several families were getting their spring photos.

Not sure, I suppose, that Dad's big camera would do a good job, this mom leaned over his shoulder to capture a few cell phone images.

The girls obliged with big smiles...when they weren't picking the flowers.  

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