Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Santa Fe # 2

Even though we have only spent a week in Santa Fe, we have crammed a lot into our time here.  On Monday morning, Rue and I drove a half-hour north of town to meet Mary Starr Carleton for a herding lesson.  Rue did surprisingly well, considering it’s been a couple of weeks since we worked sheep.  Here is Mary with some of her sheep, while Rue waits impatiently for a “walk-up” command.

We worked for a while in the arena, then moved into the open field with a smaller group of sheep to work on Rue’s outrun.  Mary’s sheep are Cheviots, with their sweet faces and characteristic pricky, pointy ears, as well as some Dorper and Dorper crosses like the ones we work at home.

The lambs were especially cute, in particular the black-and-white one that Mary calls her “border collie lamb.”  

We were glad to have the opportunity to refresh our herding skills, and I am especially grateful for Mary’s advice on how to improve our performance.  (Well, Rue didn’t exactly listen to the advice, but she responded well to the instruction.)  We’ll be back for another lesson the next time we’re in town.

In the afternoon, John and I revisited the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum.  We have seen the exhibits before, but not in several years.  It was a real treat, and I saw some pieces that I don’t remember from previous visits.  

And, one of her most famous New Mexico landscapes entitled Pedernal, 1941/1942

This morning, we hurried back to the dog park before the afternoon showers had a chance to develop.  A visit there is always a treat, no matter what the weather.  Today, though, we had a light north wind and perfect temperatures in the 70’s.  We walked the high ridges and marveled at the magnificent vistas.  

The dogs enjoyed the chance to explore, and had fun playing ball with their friends.  Rue and Colt think it’s the next best thing to herding sheep.

There are surprises around every bend in this city.  While walking along the edge of the dog park, we came upon trailside “art” made from sticks, stones and found objects.  

Now I’m inspired and when we return I will try to put some of the “treasures” piled up in the barn at the farm to better use.  

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