Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

December arrived before we knew it, and our schedule got even busier.  We were back-and-forth to the farm several times, and on the 16th we arrived to find our upper stock tank covered with ducks…at least a hundred and maybe more.  Some were scaup and other mud-hen type ducks, but others were mallards.  The next morning John and I put on our camo, loaded our shotguns, and went hunting.  We were not disappointed.  We came home with four beautiful, and tasty, birds.

But the best part of the story came after the hunt.  Three of the ducks fell on dry land and were easily retrieved.  The fourth, however, fell into the tank out of our reach.  We went back to the house to get the dogs.  John was dubious, but I was sure Kota, who loves to swim and is quite a hunter, could be convinced to go into the water and bring back the duck.  Not!  She danced around on the shore, but didn’t make the connection since she is accustomed to fetching sticks thrown into the water with a splash.  

Colt, however, saved the day.  Demonstrating the versatility of the border collie, at my urging he swam out, grabbed the duck and brought it back to me. 

He was very proud!

We spent Christmas in Lake Jackson with John’s mom, then returned to the farm for a week catching up on chores.  The weather has been wonderful, and we’ve had a relaxing time.  Not just us, but the dogs as well.  After a hard morning walking the trails on top of the mountain, I came into the bedroom to find Rue curled up on her favorite spot among the pillows.

We had another successful duck hunt on Friday, with Kota and Cousin Molly doing the duck fetching this time.  Molly, Allan and Jef's Brittany spaniel, is a wonder.  At age 11, she covers more ground than any of the other dogs, nose and stubby tail going non-stop.  After some concern earlier this year about a heart murmur, she seems to have recovered completely and is the first one to any brush pile or rabbit hole.  

She loves to swim, and never passes up the opportunity to take to the water.

And Molly isn't alone.  Colt is also an avid swimmer.

Kota, too, loves the water, and with great gusto shakes herself almost dry when she comes out.

The farm is a great place to be a dog!

We had a mostly quiet week here.  We shared the Thursday night special at the Horny Toad Bar and Grill in Cranfills Gap with Cousins Kathy and Eric.  Then we rang in a (very early) New Year with my brother and his family.  

2016 has been a good year, and we wish all of you a Happy and Prosperous 2017!  

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