Thursday, February 16, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

John and I had a wonderful Valentine's Day.  We are here at the farm, and he made me a lovely Thai curry for dinner.  I planned to surprise him with his favorite cheesecake for dessert.  While he was out and about preparing for the prescribed burn we have planned for Thursday (more on this later), I whipped up a scrumptious dessert as a surprise.  The cheesecake had strawberry frosting, with a lovely artistic heart of strawberry preserves in the center.

I stashed the cheesecake in another room while we were having dinner.  Afterwards, I cleaned up the kitchen while he retired to the back porch with a glass of wine and a cigar.

Dishes done, I went to retrieve the cheesecake....  It was just where I had left it, but half of it was missing!  I couldn't blame Colt; he was asleep in the bedroom.  Kota and Rue, however, wouldn't look at the mangled dessert.  They were, however, licking their lips in a most suspicious manner.  

Thank goodness they left us almost half of it for Valentine's.  But it was certainly a surprise for me as well as for John.  I guess a dog's life isn't so bad.

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