Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Back and Forth

Goodness!  April is almost half-way over.  How did that happen?  Since I last posted, we have been back and forth between Volente and the farm and between Volente and Lake Jackson more times than I can count.  On March 13, we were in Lake Jackson to celebrate John’s mother, Maxine Johnston’s, 97th birthday.  Here she is with John and her grandson, Christopher Hightower.

Then, a couple of days later John and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  It sure doesn't seem like 20 years since we cut our wedding cake, but photos don't lie.  Here is what we looked like; I was 20 pounds lighter and John had black hair! 

Things have been good at the farm as well.  Cousin Molly visits often, and when we're not looking jumps up to lounge on the sofa.

Even though the game camera mounted below the house revealed a family of feral hogs visiting in the night, they haven't done too much damage so far.  If it didn't involve staying up late at night to shoot them, we would be doing our part to eradicate the destructive pests.

We have also been pleased with the way the new grass has sprung up where only a few weeks ago fire was racing across the pasture.  Using our now almost-indispensable tool, the propane-fueled pear burner, John and I burned several piles of cedar "bones" left over from the prescribed burn.

The turkey toms have been strutting and gobbling, trying hard to attract the attention of the seemingly-disinterested hens.

The bluebonnets have appeared in lovely, fragrant, patches.  And the Bagley Pack were happy to pose for pictures between swims in the overflowing stock tanks. 

It has been a beautiful spring.

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