Thursday, August 12, 2010

Retreat from the Heat!

We're finally on the road again, and not a minute too soon! Texas has been simmering (or maybe baking) for a couple of weeks, and we can't wait to find someplace cooler.

We spent a couple of nights last week at Boone RV Park in Lampasas getting new tires put on the Royals and doing some business for my mother in Hamilton. Then, last Saturday, August 7, we hooked up Tracker (our "toad") for the first time and headed north.

That was exciting, and a little scary, because we've never "double-towed" before. With all three vehicles connected, we're pushing 80 feet in length, and have 16 tires on the ground. My job is to monitor the Pressure Pro system that keeps track of the pressure in all the tires, and to make sure that the monitor for the parking brake system in the Tracker doesn't come on unexpectedly. John's is to drive, of course, and to keep track of the various systems in the Volvo. He also keeps an eye on the Tracker and vehicles behind us with the rear-view camera.

Saturday night found us at Ray Roberts Lake State Park. (You may remember that we spent some time there last fall, and it's one of our favorite parks.) However, with the temperatures well over 100 degrees and the lake the temperature of a warm bath, this time we didn't tarry!

We spent the next two nights at another of our favorite parks, Coon Creek Cove Corps of Engineers Park (try saying that several times in rapid succession!) on Kaw Lake in Northern Oklahoma. We had the place almost to ourselves this trip, and the dogs enjoyed some off-leash time. Here's a picture of the little slough where we camped last year. Unfortunately the lake is lower this year, and there were fewer birds near the shore, and no catfish jug-liners.

Tuesday we traveled diagonally across Kansas on their beautiful turnpike. It was a great trip, and it should have been; the toll for our 7 combined axles was $48!

Much of our trip was through the rolling grasslands of the Kansas Flint Hills, and we were surprised that much of the time all we saw was grass. However, from time to time we did see some of that famous Kansas beef on the hoof!

We've spent the last two nights in a lovely park, Rock Creek Corps of Engineers Park on Perry Lake a few miles northeast of Topeka. Campsites are spacious, and there's plenty of grassy areas for dogs to enjoy, along with a rocky shoreline and cool water! We plan to pull out tomorrow or the next day for Nebraska.

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