Monday, August 16, 2010

Rock Creek Park

Well, Rock Creek Park turned out to be so special that we've spent an entire week here. Mornings can look like this, with John and me drinking coffee and watching the sunrise while the Bagley Pack wait impatiently for breakfast.

On Friday night we experienced a real Kansas thunderstorm, shown here rolling in just at sunset. Thank goodness winds here at the park weren't as strong as they were a few miles away. We heard reports of wind speeds up to 90 mph, but fortunately all we had here were showers and this remarkable lightening show!

The Girls were excited when we found a very nice dog park in nearby Topeka. The "Bark Park" is located adjacent to the Topeka Zoo, and has everything a dog could want. There are separate areas for big and small dogs, plenty of grass, shade, and tables & chairs for dog-watchers. Here Nickie participates in a three-dog sniff-a-thon while John and Feathers enjoy the shade.

While we travel, family members are never far from our thoughts.  This trip, though, our grandson is on our minds more often than usual. 

The Bark Park is in Gage Park, which is just off Gage Boulevard.  We don't know who this Gage person is or was, but he was obviously important! 

We also saw the Gage Carousel in the Park, with its lovely, restored horses, camel, pigs and other creatures. The carousel was built in 1908, and has been restored three times. It is unique because it features hand-carved wooden figures in several carousel "styles," which are described on the poster below, and an example of one of the horses that was waiting for a young rider.

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