Friday, September 17, 2010


Yesterday, still intent on filling the frying pan with trout, we followed directions from one of the locals, and went fishing outside Hill City on Ditch Creek and Castle Creek. These two streams flow in and out, respectively, of Deerfield Lake. The streams were lovely, and the dogs had a great time hunting along the way and "helping" as we cast, with frustration, time and again into the water.

Deerfield lake is picture-perfect, and apparently holds some very acceptable rainbow trout. We didn't have a boat, and were unable to locate the "sweet spot" for bank fishing, so we worked the streams, as many before have apparently done.

At any rate, none of the enticing worms, salmon eggs, power baits, or in desperation grasshoppers, tempted the trout. We came home empty-handed, but rewarded by fantastic vistas of the Black Hills and surrounding prairies.

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