Thursday, September 9, 2010

That's Why They Call it Fishing

Weather here in Custer has been exhiliarating.....40s at night; high, gusty winds that bite right through you; 60s and 70s in the daytime with a crystal clear blue sky. Tuesday we went fishing, and I can brag that I caught the first, the last and the biggest trout. Unfortunately, it was the only trout. Lucky Dog and Nickie are proving to be real troopers when it comes to fishing. Nickie usually runs back and forth between John and me to be sure she doesn't miss anything. L.D. likes to lie near the trail in case someone comes by and needs to pet a dog. Here the two of them take a break to watch a squirrel in one of the pine trees.

We have been taking long walks and exploring the woods near the camp. There are over 100 miles of trails through the National Forest adjacent to the camp, so we have plenty of places to explore. Nickie and Lucky Dog have found squirrels to chase, not to mention deer (there are white-tails here, as well as mule deer). There are also flocks of wild turkeys that love to visit the horse corrals. I'm not sure you can call them truly wild, but the dogs find them great fun to chase.

Tuesday we said goodbye to our friends, Richard "Ski" and Nanci Skorski and four-legged friend Sable. We hope to see the Skorskis later this fall when they pass through Texas on their way home to Florida.

Tuesday night was right out of the 60s.....a "Duck and Cover" night. John was making dinner and I was working on the blog when there was a loud "Whump." When we investigated, we found that the spaghetti squash which was cooking in the microwave had exploded, in spite of the fact that John had pricked the skin as instructed. Oh, well, the next time we'll make the pricks deeper!

We got another chance at fish yesterday, but I guess they were still spooked from the weekend. I did hook a nice rainbow in Horsethief Lake, but Nickie was helping me land it and in the excitement the fish got away. We did see some pretty country, though. Here are photos of Sylvan Lake and Lavon Lake. Hopefully next time we visit the fish will be biting.

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