Monday, January 9, 2012

Lunch by the Sea

When we arrived in Kep, we dropped our bags at the hotel, Long Villa. We had lovely rooms with balconies overlooking the sea. (I should say the bedrooms were lovely; we won't discuss the bathrooms, which were a bit rustic.)

We then headed for the local market where we bought blue crabs fresh from the sea.

Since Nine speaks fluent Cambodian, she was able to bargain for the best crabs at a good price.

They were boiled for us on the spot.

We also purchased some tasty grilled squid. 

Just down the beach, we rented a table by the water and ordered steamed rice and fried fish to complete our lunch (along with a bottle of white wine). The entire meal cost $37 US, exclusive of the cost of a nice white Bordeaux.

Later, we walked along the waterfront and admired the fishing boats moored there. 

John and Jimmy were particularly interested in the motors with long-shafted props that propel them through the shallow waters. 

We enjoyed a chilled beverage on our balcony while we watched local fishermen wading along with their "butterfly" nets. 

We then watched a lovely sunset.

Dinner was at the hotel's patio restaurant. It was run by a nice young Cambodian couple from Columbus, Ohio. It seems they got tired of the winters in the US Midwest...imagine that!

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