Friday, January 13, 2012

The Royal Palace

The Cambodian Royal Palace sits on a large, well-manicured site and is a wonderful place  to visit. The part of the Palace grounds that is open to the public features the Throne Room,

the Silver Pagoda, several memorial stupas and beautiful grounds. 

Since most of the buildings do not allow photographs inside, we cannot share the wonders we saw. The Throne Room is reserved for coronations and state visits. The Silver Pagoda, built in 1892 and rebuilt in 1962, is named for the 5000 silver tiles (each weighing 2 pounds) that cover the floor. It houses the world-famous Emerald Bhuddah, seated on a gilt pedestal high above the dias. When viewed with the light behind it, the statue is translucent, and truly magnificent. The pagoda also houses a jewel-studded Buddah made of solid gold with a 25 carat diamond in its forehead, among other treasures.

The grounds feature statuary such as this one of King Norodom, many lovely trees and flowering plants, as well as topiary figures of elephants and other beasts. 

One can easily spend several hours wandering the grounds and enjoying the marvelous sights.

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