Sunday, January 27, 2013

Home to Phnom Penh

We enjoyed our six days in Vietnam.  But then, we have a pretty good time wherever we are! 
Boarding the bus for our trip home to Cambodia.  Jimmy and Nine looked ready for our next adventure.  


Saigon was similar to Phnom Penh in many respects.  Both Vietnam and Cambodia have their share of "overloads."


And both have plenty of colorful street vendors.

 Many in both cities wear masks to cut down on the pollutants they inhale.

But in Vietnam, conical straw hats are very common; in Cambodia almost no one wears them.


Both Saigon and Phnom Penh have white-knuckle traffic.

However, so far in our time on the road we have only seen one accident.  As we prepared to leave Saigon, this young woman crashed her moto right in front of our hotel.   Traffic wasn't the problem, though, she lost control of her bike trying to avoid the dog you can see in the background high-tailing it to the other side of the street.
Plenty of witnesses to the crash rushed to help her.  Fortunately neither she nor her moto appeared badly damaged and she soon remounted her bike and continued on her way.

In general, the Vietnamese people we encountered did not seem as happy as the Cambodians.  One-on-one, they were gracious and welcoming, but we didn't see as many smiles as we do in Cambodia. The Vietnamese people seem to be hard-working and industrious, but their general demeanor was less upbeat in our opinion.

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