Sunday, February 10, 2013

I See Tuk-tuks!

Our trip home was uneventful.  The most excitement (other than watching "The Gods Must Be Crazy" on the bus's TV) was when we entered Cambodia.  The bus driver, who was responsible for getting all of us safely across the border, directed John and me to the wrong line.  We made our way slowly to the border crossing checkpoint, only to have a stern-faced official wave us away, pointing back to the door we had come in.  Thank goodness Nine was close by to translate.  We learned that we should have first obtained another visa allowing us to re-enter Cambodia, and that the official was irritated that our bus driver hadn't given us proper instructions.  We trudged back to the visa window, accompanied by the apologetic bus driver who helped to fill out our paperwork.  After a short delay our entry fees ($25 US each) changed hands, our visas were issued and we were on our way.  

I do want to share a few photos from the trip with you, and don't forget you can click on them to enlarge.   (Most were taken through the not-too-clean bus window, so I apologize for the quality.)

Breakfast at the Sidewalk Cafe, Saigon

Protection is a Good Thing
Mamma Dog at the Bus Stop Cafe

Anyone for a Tasty Spider?
Rural Electrification -- Cambodia Style

Crossing the Mekong on the Ferry

Ferry Dock Child

Near the end of the six-hour bus trip, we were glad to see tuk-tuks (there are none in Vietnam) and knew we were almost home.

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