Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Sticky Situation

Well, it seems we’re having another adventure.  That’s not necessarily a good thing.  Earlier this week Rue was very busy in the bedroom sniffing and scratching at something under the bedroom slide.  I went to investigate what was bothering her.....was it a mouse, or something else?  

I found that there was a quacking duck toy stuck between the slide and the side of the RV.....really stuck!  I pulled and pulled with no result.  Then I tried to move the slide so I could remove the toy.  Unfortunately the slide would not move.  John and I unloaded the storage area under the bed.  Then we began to try to move the slide....all to no avail.  

With the help of a pocket knife, we extracted most of the toy from the slide mechanism, but still couldn’t get it to come in more than a few inches.  Thank goodness for Jim the RV Mechanic.  He came and traced the problem to a blown thermal fuse caused when the slide motor overheated trying to work in spite of the toy.  We’re now up and functioning again, and before we leave we’ll have several spare fuses.....just in case.

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