Thursday, October 22, 2015


The last two weeks have been busy ones for us.  We had an uneventful trip from Manhattan to Hutchinson, Kansas, the site of our Heavy Duty Truck National Rally.  This year, we had over 70 registrations, an all-time high. 

Believe it or not, women share the driving duties for many of these rigs.  I think many of the RDBE (which stands for "Rigs Driven By Estrogen") Gals started driving as a matter of safety.  But then, we found out how much fun it can be to handle our own heavy haulers.  Now, many of the women say they drive at least half of the time out of preference.  Here we are assembled for our annual group portrait.  Drive on, Ladies!

To keep track of the number of HDT's, there were a couple of drones that flew from time to time.

They attracted almost as much attention as the trucks.  When one flew over our coach, I was puzzled at the soft, whirring sound, but didn't know where it came from.  At least, I didn't know until Rue spotted it hovering above and began barking frantically and dancing on her hind legs!  Fortunately it stayed well beyond her reach.

During the Rally, we stay at the RV park on the Kansas State Fairgrounds.  It’s a great venue, with plenty of room for our RV’s and trucks, a building with good meeting facilities, and plenty of open space.

In addition to time spent in seminars and discussions, we had pot-luck dinners, BBQ dinners, pizza parties, ice cream socials and happy hours. 

Everyone learned a lot about our trucks and fifth wheels, exchanged good ideas, and probably gained 2-3 pounds apiece!  Since there were over 100 people present, we probably took away a combined total of 200 to 300 pounds.  Unfortunately, it will take more than a week to shed those pounds!

There were even table dances when Mom wasn’t looking,

tours of new RV’s, 

line dancing lessons,

evening concerts, complete with bubble machine,

and magic lantern launches.

The Bagley Pack had plenty of attention.  Throwing balls was a favorite pastime,

and getting petted, walked and brushed was a close second.

In addition to human friends, there were plenty of dog friends in attendance as well.  Some of them posed for photos.

Handsome Milo

The neighbor boys, Rooty and Rico


Jack and Pete...or is it Pete and Jack?

Viper, who loves to run and play with the Bagley dogs

Sweet Ellie

Beautiful Poppy

and our senior citizen, Marty.

We enjoyed catching up with long-time (notice I did not say OLD) friends, and making new ones.  We especially enjoyed getting acquainted with new "neighbors" Jimmy and Norma and Bill and Judy, who camped next to us.  We also had good visits with Trina and Damien while our dogs ran madly around the large, fenced area adjacent to the RV park.  There were many others we spent time with as well, including Ellie's "mom and dad," Tim and Cozette, brand-new full-timers who were camped in the other section of the RV park.  It was a delightful time, as the Rally always is, and we look forward to getting back together with all our RV friends down the road.  

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