Sunday, October 18, 2015

Tuttle Creek Cove

From Pender, Nebraska, we made the 200-mile trip to Tuttle Creek Cove COE Park just north of Manhattan, Kansas.  We had planned to go south to Rock Creek COE Park on Perry Lake outside Topeka, but got a late start and opted to try out a new park.  We were not disappointed!  Tuttle Creek Cove Park is beautiful, with wide-open views of Tuttle Creek Lake from our RV site.

Sunrises and sunsets were beautiful.

The primitive campgrounds farther up the lake were closed for the season, so there was lots of open space for the dogs to run.

There were plenty of birds; flocks of cormorants like this one...

... and thousands of seagulls kept us busy with the binoculars.  (Unfortunately they mostly kept to the middle of the lake and out of range of my camera. 

One bird that was in camera range, was the campground’s resident little red hen.  She had adopted the campers on the row between us and the lake.  She spent part of her time under the campers and also busied herself catching grasshoppers and scratching for worms in the grass.

She particularly liked one of the women, and followed her around like a dog.  The real dogs didn’t seem to bother her, and I wish I could have taken her back to Texas with us.  An egg a day sounds pretty good, especially if it came with built-in insect control.

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  1. Love the shots of Perry Lake. Shhh - George doesn't know yet but I'm shopping for a lake front cottage. Have agents helping in WV and VA. 1st choice would be near Linda but there's little turn over at Lake O'Woods.
    Safe travels home.