Monday, November 2, 2015

A Kaw Lake Conundrum

There is a post script to our visit to Coon Creek Cove COE Park on Kaw Lake.  I took many, many photos, and had not finished going through them all when I put up my previous post.  As I culled and processed my images, I came across a evidence of a drama that I had not fully appreciated when I took the photos.

Most of the great egrets that we saw during our week on Kaw Lake were far away on the other side of the cove.  This one, however, was perched on a log not far from shore.  Out came my camera.

Standing 35 to 41 inches tall, with a wingspan of over 4 feet, great egrets are magnificent birds, regal and fun to photograph.  As this one preened his snowy feathers, he was apparently not aware that he was sharing his log with another lake resident, a good-sized turtle. 

Egret looked around and cast a suspicious eye on Turtle.  What were his intentions?  Did he pose a threat?  Turtle remained still, and after a moment Egret looked away.

When he did, Turtle made his move, inching farther out of the water and closer to Egret. 

He seemed particularly interested in Egret’s long, black leg.  (There didn’t appear to be much meat on it, but maybe Turtle thought it would be tasty.)  

Egret assessed the situation, and decided to find another place to perch.

Not far away was another log…but wait, there is a turtle on this one as well!  What to do?

Egret quickly decided that he would not be surprised again.  He opted to keep Turtle #2 “under his thumb” just in case.

Problem solved!