Monday, November 30, 2015

Fire on the Mountain

I’ve seen the fall colors in the northeast, and they are beautiful.  Texas, however, has some pretty spectacular foliage of its own.  Here are some shots of the Spanish oaks and flame sumac here at the farm.  Lovely, don’t you think?  I think it gives a new meaning to “fire on the mountain.”

We have had rain at the farm since last Wednesday, four inches on top of 1.5 inches in the rain gauge when we arrived, but we have had a wonderful time.  Brian and his family arrived Wednesday afternoon, and were joined on Thursday by Cousin Kathy for a scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner.

My brother and his family were at the farm as well.  He and grandkids Jamey and Laura came by on Friday morning for a short visit.  Jamey had a poncho, but little Laura had to make do with makeshift rain gear.  Thank goodness Costco toilet paper comes in large packages!  I think this photo would make a great commercial..."Kirkland products -- there when you need them!"

The Bagley Pack had fun with their cousins, Molly and Clover.  

While we were out for a walk, Kota and Molly teamed up to catch a squirrel.  Kota rousted it from a hollow log and it ran up a tree.  Unfortunately, squirrels aren't the brightest creatures on the planet.  This one (like some people) launched itself from the safety of its perch and sprinted for an even bigger tree with Kota in hot pursuit.  Even a fast squirrel is no match for determined dogs and the end was pretty certain.  There was a great kerfuffle under the big live oak tree north of the goat shed, and Molly emerged with the quarry.  She carried it around for 45 minutes or so, but let down her guard and Kota snatched the trophy.  Molly stayed close by, hoping to reclaim the prize, but Kota sneaked away and buried most of it.  Fortunately, I was able to retrieve what was left and dispose of it before it disappeared.  I say fortunately, because what went down would most certainly have come up in the middle of the night!

We saw lots of deer tracks, but did not hunt this weekend.  If we had been inclined, though, we could have bagged a couple of turkey toms.  This flock of nine entertained us below the house for a good half hour.  

A good time was had by all, and we look forward to more fun at Christmas.

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  1. Gorgeous fall foliage. Be thankful for all of the rain.