Saturday, October 22, 2016

Best Kept Secrets

The small town of Leeds, Utah, was our next home-away-from-home.  We had made reservations here because it was as close as we could get to Zion National Park, some 45 minutes away.  It was here that we discovered another of those “best-kept secrets.”  

Just outside of Leeds on BLM land is the amazing Red Cliffs Recreation Area.  We drove the 3.5 miles from Leeds on Thursday afternoon after we parked the RV.  It was just at sunset, and this is the scene that greeted us.

The Red Cliffs Recreational Area is only a little over 200 acres, but what a treasure!  We were back early the next morning to walk the trails through the canyon.

And we were back each morning and evening while we were in town.

There were big cottonwood trees in the canyon, and John posed in the hollow trunk of one of them. 

We even saw dinosaur tracks.   

Rue and I came back early on our last morning to photograph the full moon setting over the red cliffs, and the magnificent sunrise that followed. 


  1. Wow. Hard to pick my favorite shot but the moon shot is at the top.

  2. It was breathtaking....glad you enjoyed.