Friday, September 26, 2014

A Walk in the Woods

Many of our hikes around camp take place on the logging and forest service roads like this one that criss-cross the forest.  They are sometimes steep, but easy to follow.  

But not all our adventures take place on developed trails.  A few days ago while John was out fishing, Rue and I climbed up a steep slope to one of the rocky outcroppings that overlook Custer’s Gulch. Here is what you see looking up.

While we didn’t get quite to the top from the side we chose, the view was still spectacular.  

And here is what we saw when we were ready to descend.  I won’t say I slid the entire way down on my backside, but it was an interesting descent.  It was good to be back on level ground.  In a few days, we’ll go around to the other side of the hill and try to make it to the top from there.  

Once back in camp, we enjoyed visiting with our new neighbors, Bob, Judy, their son Tim, English Lab Jesse, and Sweetie the Papillon.  They are from California, and are out touring for a couple of weeks in their lovely Prevost motor home.  We were sorry to see them leave but hope to meet up with them in the future.

We have had some good news we want to share with you...especially you family members.  Last week I heard from Cousin Frances that the Fort Collins CSU Senior Men's 3.0 Tennis Team, of which Cousin Roy (shown below on the left) is the captain, defeated four other teams to win the Colorado State Championship.  

Frances said, "The tournament was in Denver at the Pinehurst Country Club Tuesday and Wednesday of this (last) week.  On Tuesday they had to play back to back matches at 9:00 and 12:00.  Roy and his partner were in a tiebreak on Wednesday when we all figured out that the other two teams had won, and we all watched Roy and Vic win the 10 point tiebreak 7-4, making it a clean sweep!"  The national finals will be in Surprise, Arizona, in March, and we'll all be cheering for the team.

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