Saturday, September 20, 2014

There's a Bison in my Backyard!

Well, not exactly.  Thank goodness the bison wasn’t in our back yard!  This big boy was grazing peacefully in one of the RV areas in Custer State Park.  How would you like to open the door of your coach and find him there!?  (When we drove by today, that Winnebago was long gone….I guess they had enough excitement.)

You can tell this is one of the senior herd bulls.  On his right hindquarter you can see the stylized  “S” that identifies him as part of the Custer State Park herd.  Just above that is the number 5.  This indicates that he was born in 2005, which makes him nine years old this year.  

He was fat, sleek and unconcerned.  He finished cropping grass, then sauntered behind the RV, past the picnic table and went on his way.

Life here in Custer continues to be good.  We’re hiking 4+ miles per day with the dogs, and up to 6+ miles when we go fishing.   Speaking of fish…Wednesday we caught only a couple of little ones, but Thursday was a different story.  Our favorite fishing spot is in the Grace Coolidge Walk-in Fishing Area in the state park.  The scenery is spectacular.

And the fishing is great.  Thursday I landed a nice 16-fish.  I walked upstream to show John, only to find that he had just caught a 17.5-inch rainbow!  We’ll be eating well!  (Fortunately, we brought the vacuum sealer, so we can freeze and bring a few home if we don’t eat all of them.)

We have also met a lot of nice people in camp.  I’ve mentioned a few in earlier posts, and a couple of days ago we said goodbye to Lana and Neal and their four pomeranians.  They live in Casper, WY, and we hope to visit them there when we travel farther west.  

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