Friday, September 26, 2014

Rock Climbing in the Hills and Other Adventures

A few days ago, John and I took another path on our morning walk.  Instead of the four-mile loop we often walk, we crossed the road outside of camp and went rock climbing in the hills.  There are rocky outcroppings everywhere, and these overlook our camp.  

The dogs had a great time, and only give us heart failure a couple of times when they went scrambling up the 
steep boulders to do a Rin Tin Tin imitation.  (Ok, if you’re not old enough to remember Rin Tin Tin, look it up on Google.)  

Not far from camp, we walked up a small rise and were startled to find that the ground fell away, revealing a giant hole in the earth.  In the bottom was a small lake, possibly runoff from the recent snowfall.  We quickly grabbed dogs, who had approached the edge and were looking for a way down.  We don't know if the site is an old gravel pit, or an abandoned mine (but an old gold mine definitely has more appeal).  There is access from the lower side of the pit, so we'll try to explore a little farther another day.

A day or so later, we visited some of our favorite fishing spots in Custer State Park.  The big trout weren’t biting, but we managed to catch two nice fish for supper.

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