Sunday, August 7, 2016

Happy Birthday Rue!

On Friday, August 5, we celebrated Rue’s fourth birthday with a couple of spirited ball-throwing sessions.  She and Colt raced madly after the ball, and Rue turned more than one flip trying to grab it.

Rue had a great birthday, and she slept like a baby when we got home.

Kota hung out close to John and me, except for a short foray into a recently-abandoned campsite from which she returned with the worst case of “onion breath” I have ever smelled on man or beast.  Because we have frequent thunderstorms, as well as hearing lots of gunfire from the surrounding ranges, she is now the proud owner of a “ThunderShirt.” 

I must admit, I was skeptical of how effective it might be, but we have been pleasantly surprised.  It hasn’t taken away all her noise-related anxiety, but it’s done a much better job than the tranquilizers.  She can now go for a walk without bolting for the RV, and that’s a big step for Kota.

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