Saturday, August 13, 2016

Wyoming State Fair Cattle Dog Trials

When we visited Douglas last year, we arrived just in time to catch the end of the Wyoming State Fair.  This year, we were a few days too early and activities at the fairgrounds were just beginning.  We were fortunate, though, to arrive in time for the Wyoming State Fair Cattle Dog Trials.  John and I spent part of Friday watching the dogs and their handlers move sets of three angus heifers through a series of obstacles.  The principals are similar to those at sheep dog trials, but the cattle are a lot bigger and require dogs with a lot assertiveness.  

The goal is for the dog to move the stock through the obstacles in a calm, orderly manner as these dogs are doing.

The handler is part of the team, and helps to direct the stock.

But sometimes the cattle don’t cooperate, and then the dog has to insist they follow instructions.

It was a real treat to watch the teamwork between handlers and dogs, and to see these beautiful animals in action.


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