Saturday, August 13, 2016


This post may surprise, since we’re not known to seek out KOA campgrounds when we travel.  However, our last two overnights, plus our current location have all been KOA’s and they have all been very nice facilities.  

We spent Monday night in Fountain, south of Colorado Springs, at the Holiday KOA.  It was a very nice park with good access to IH 25, but little road noise.  The campground was filled to capacity, mostly with families.  Kids were everywhere, and they were having a great time.  There is a heated pool and very nice play area.  There was also a covered group cooking/clean-up area available for tenters and many, many casitas with fire pits and fire rings (which were well-utilized!)  Nice place.

We made an early stop in Fountain so we could travel up the mountain to see our friends in Woodland Park.  Jack and Danielle work camp each year at Diamond RV Park.  In addition, Sheri and Rocky were spending a week there in their new Mobile Suites fifth wheel.  We spent the afternoon catching up on all their news and seeing the new RV.  We don’t plan to attend the Heavy Duty Truck National Rally in Hutchinson, Kansas, this year, so we’re trying to catch up with some friends on the road as we travel.

Tuesday we pressed on to the Fort Collins Lakeside KOA for another overnight stay (and an important stop for provisions at the local Costco and Walmart stores).  This park is a bit out of the way from IH 25, but was another lovely facility.  The sites were gravel, but level, and again it was geared to families.  Here are a few shots of the small lake and other amenities available to guests.  The kids were having a great time with the "bumper boats" and cartoon-themed paddle boats, not to mention the bounce houses and bounce hill.

Wednesday was another travel day, and brought us to our current campground, the Journey KOA in Douglas, Wyoming.  We have stayed here before, and were glad to have our favorite site adjacent to the dog park and horse corrals.  Our only neighbors are the four-legged variety, and the sunrises are awesome.

This is a nice park, and they go out of their way to make you feel welcome.  Here is a shot of John enjoying a complimentary s’more to celebrate National S’mores Day.  (It’s true, there really is a National S’mores Day!)  I was wishing our friend Jean could be here to join us since she always knows what "National" day it is.  

And there are bunnies here, dozens of them it seems.  This inscrutable cottontail was just out of Rue's reach.

Rue was ever hopeful, especially when John walked up to a couple of feet from the bunny.  Alas, it ran off in the wrong direction and she was once again denied. 

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