Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Royal Funeral

During our visit, Phnom Penh and all of Cambodia were observing a special period of mourning for His Majesty The King-Father of Cambodia.  The much-beloved Former King Norodom Sihanouk abdicated the throne in 2004 for health reasons and passed away in October of last year.  The period of mourning lasted for approximately three months, and concluded with the King-Father’s funeral and cremation ceremony in early February.  We visited the site where the ceremony will be held, and saw the construction of the Royal Crematorium in progress.

While traveling around the city, we saw numerous memorials like these, not only in public spaces, but also at businesses and private residences.

Many Cambodians also observe the mourning period by dressing in black and white, and by paying their respects as the former king lies in state in the royal palace.  

The lines of mourners are long, and often stretch for blocks.

These women were crossing the street to join the other mourners to pay their respects.

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