Thursday, August 8, 2013

Goodbye Phnom Penh

We ended our stay with a real Texas tradition.  Jimmy and Nine, John and I prepared some of our favorite dishes for members of Jimmy and Nine’s Cambodian relatives.  We had to import tortillas to make nachos, but make them we did, along with chili con queso and of course, hamburgers.  

Here are some additional photos from our get-together.

And then, we were off on the evening flight to the beautiful and functional Seoul Incheon Airport (still decked out in its holiday decorations) and from there to Austin. 

We had a wonderful time.  We can't thank Jimmy and Nine enough for their friendship and their amazing hospitality.  For the second time in two years they opened their home to us, served as resident tour guides and showed us a fantastic time!  They're just lucky Austin and Phnom Penh aren't closer, but for the long flight this could just get to be a habit!

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