Monday, October 6, 2014

Across the Wide Missouri

From the Badlands, we traveled east on Interstate 90 for 140 miles or so.  After crossing the Missouri River, we then turned south.  We traveled 40 or so miles to Platte, SD, and went west for another 10 miles on Hwy 44 to Snake Creek State Recreation Area.  We found a lovely spot in the South Unit with a view of the Mighty Missouri (here called Lake Francis Case).

On Friday, a strong cold front came through, dropping temperatures into the low 40s and bringing gusty 40 mph winds.  Believe me, that wind coming across the water was bitter.  It didn’t stop us from taking a couple of nice walks, though.

The dogs had a great time.  The SRA has a very common-sense approach to pets in the campground.  During the busy season (which lasts April-September) dogs must be on-leash.  However, after October 1, they are no longer required to be leashed if they are “under immediate control.”  

Unfortunately, our stay at Snake Creek did not end as well as it started.  John fell Saturday night and broke his left arm at the wrist.  We drove into Platte on Sunday and they splinted it so we could move on to the Cottonwood Corps of Engineers Park outside Yankton, SD.  It is a beautiful park on Lake Lewis and Clark, and one we will definitely put on our list of favorite places.  There is apparently great fishing for walleye in the lakes along the Missouri, and maybe next time we can try our luck at catching some.

We spent Sunday night here, and will wait until Tuesday to continue south.  John is having some pain, but we hope the swelling in the arm will go down and he can travel more comfortably on Tuesday.  Right now, we hope to get to Concordia, KS, Tuesday night and into Hutchinson, KS on Wednesday.  The plan is for John to see an orthopedic surgeon in Hutch to determine if the arm can be put in a cast or if it will need surgery.  Depending on the diagnosis, we’ll decide when to travel back to Austin.  Keep us in your prayers.  It looks like I’ll be doing most of the driving, but I parked the rig last night, and with John as navigator I’m sure we’ll travel with no difficulty.

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