Monday, October 20, 2014

Big Trucks and Bigger Fun

We have been in Hutchinson, KS, for the last 10 days, having a great time with the 50 or so folks who haul their fifth wheel coaches with heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks.  We arrived several days early, and have stayed over another three to visit with friends.  

The Kansas State Fair RV Park is a great venue.  We have a building with kitchen facilities for our seminars and get-togethers.

Extra-curricular activities even included launching "magic lanterns" from the campground and watching them soar away over Hutchinson.

And then, Claire, Abby and Emalee helped when door prizes were awarded.

And there are acres and acres of fenced parkland (with squirrels!) where the Bagley Pack and their friends can run and play.

Their friend, Zoe, sometimes participated in off-leash fun.

And sometimes Emalee, Abigail, Claire and John took them for walks.  Here, Claire and Abby join them to pose for pictures.

When Viper was "off-duty" a couple of times each day, he made mad dashes through camp, and there was a lot of excited barking by all.  

Sweet Marty, who is in his mid-teens, is short on energy, but still enjoys his walks around the park.  

Phil and his pack were just across the road from us.  Brandy, Dred and Sadie visited often, but were a bit of a challenge when it came to posing.  It took several attempts to get all of them looking in the same direction (sort of).

Dogs weren't the only four-legged participants, however.  There were several cats, including this one that was found by one of the Rally participants, and adopted by Jeff, a professional truck driver.  She assumed her new role as "truck cat" before she even had a name!

But the big trucks, were the stars of the show.  On Tuesday, all of them were lined up for their annual portrait.  Photos were taken from the top of the stadium.   

Along with the heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks were the “LGTs” (the Little-girly Trucks, or pickups) which wouldn't all fit in the photo, and the “Smarts” lined up in front. A number of our friends don’t pull “toads” behind their rigs, as we do.  Instead, they carry smart cars on the backs of their trucks.  They are an innovative group, and it's always interesting to see how they have set up their "daily drivers."  

Steve and Gail did a great job organizing things and put in countless hours to be sure everything came off as planned.  

The seminars were great, as well as the planned meals and happy hours.  We enjoyed get-togethers with our friends, 

 and look forward to seeing them all next year. 

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